Surveys Designs & Quotations are provided free of charge for small and large projects.
The extensive experience within the Heatech Group (average 20 years) enables our selection of the most appropriate and efficient equipment for all commercial or residential premises, ranging from radiant heaters "for open workshops", to close control air conditioning with heat recovery for hospitals and laboratories.

New Building Projects, calculations for heating or cooling requirements are taken from the building drawings and a suitable design developed by liaison with the client or architect.

Existing Premises & Systems, a detailed survey of the building and system is carried out to enable our recommendations for the most efficient replacement equipment and quotation costs, with the principal considerations being;

High efficiency (lowest practical energy use)

Reliability (safeguard against loss of critical services)

User friendly automatic control systems

Nominal maintenance requirements

Cost Recovery, recent technical advances in the efficiency of modern boilers, heat pumps etc., enables an fuel saving in the region of 40% when compared with traditional plant .

Projected Fuel Savings, we are able to provide an assessment pf the future annual energy use for proposed plant and controls .

Finance, several nil or low interest schemes are available in association with The Green fund, E.D.F. Energy, for replacement heating or cooling plant that is calculated to provide a reduction in existing energy use.

Builder Works, within the group ("Buildtech Essex") are able to provide skilled tradesmen for all building work.


Principal Geographical Areas:

North & East London



North Kent