Heatech Services Group take pride in being able to provide solutions for a range of heating requirement.

Church: St. Margarets at Wicken Bonhunt, Essex.

The committee had extended the traditional church activities to that of also being a community hall that required a comfort heating standard during weekday use.

Under floor heating was considered to be the most suitable heating method, but English Heritage advised that the existing tiled floor must not be disturbed. In co-operation with the architect a heated floating floor was designed and installed, to leave the tiled floor undisturbed.


For a college boiler plant replacement, the college required to replace the 35 year old boilers to improve reliability of heating within the main building, but finance for this could only be obtained if an energy reduction could be forecast to show a capital cost recovery within five years.

Our proposal with quotation cost were submitted and accepted, these allowed for the three existing boilers (tested efficiency average of 77%) being replaced by two condensing boilers with fully modulating burners providing an efficiency of 98.5% plus modification to manifolds for reduced standing heat losses, and modulating weather compensated temperature control system, to enable a total annual energy saving of 11,981 KW.


A 40 year old District Heating servicing 700 dwellings from a central boiler plant room where recent replacement boilers were affected by the oxide sediments from this old distribution pipe system, causing a high level of failure of the boilers and high costs for required maintenance.

To remedy this, the boilers and distribution systems were separated by installation of plate heat exchangers with a transfer duty equal to each boiler output, plus magna filters within the distribution services.

Builder Works, within the group ("Buildtech Essex") are able to provide skilled tradesmen for all building work.


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